Useful Gifts for People Who Love Chickens

Gifts for people who love chickens.  Useful gifts for people with chickens.

Are you shopping for someone that has chickens?  Some of the best gifts that you can give a person with chickens are ones that make their chicken-keeping hobby easier and more enjoyable.

I've kept chickens myself for 20+ years.  These are the gifts that I would pick out for myself!

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Check out these nifty, useful gifts for people who love chickens.  They will be sure to love these gifts all year long.

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Heated Poultry Waterer

This heated waterer hold three gallons of water and is perfect for keeping chicken water from freezing.

I really like this because it only comes on when it's needed and it will keep you chicken water thawed and drinkable down to 0°F!

One of the worst chores in the winter is carrying buckets of thawed water to everyone.

It's so much easier to enjoy chickens and other animals when you're not dealing with freezing waterers.  There's nothing worse that a bucket of water sloshing around on you when it's cold outside!

​Grab a heated waterer here.

Chicken Coop Heater

Most chicken owners heat their coops in the winter using heat lamps and bulbs.  This is fine and effective, but what happens when the bulb blows in the middle of a frigid night?

I've dealt with this myself on numerous occasions.  When it's cold out and your chicken heater is running all of the time, those red bulbs can go out quickly and unexpectedly.

This coop warmer provides radiant heat to create a cozy spot for your chickens.

I would mount this near their roost to help keep them warm at night.  It has a simple on/off switch and the red power symbol turns on to show that it is on.

It is a much safer alternative to many other options available.

This heater is thin and resembles a small flat screen TV.  Mount it on a wall to prevent chickens from trying to roost on it.  If it gets dirty, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth to clean it.

​Get a chicken coop heater here.

Chicken Rubber Boots

Who doesn't need a cute pair of rubber boots?

Rubber boots are a must have with any livestock, including chickens.  Slip them on when it's muddy or wet outside.   They are the perfect shoe to wear when you're cleaning out the chicken coop also.

Want to spray the inside of the coop down or scoop chicken litter without messing up a good pair of tennis shoes?  Pull on a pair of rubber boots before cleaning the coop!

​If the boots get dirty, it's not hard to clean them off quickly.  Usually a quick spray with the water hose will clean them up.  For really nasty messes, you can wipe them clean with soapy water and a rag or sponge.

Get chicken rubber boots here.

Egg Collecting Apron

This is probably one of the most useful gifts for people who love chickens.

An egg collecting apron makes collecting eggs so much easier!

I don't know how many times I've gone out the coop with a bucket and ended up with a cracked egg because the eggs all roll around and hit each other.

Even the most careful chicken keeper will end up with the occasional cracked egg collecting them this way.

An egg collecting apron keeps all of the eggs separate so you can get them into the house all in one piece.

The apron has 12 pockets that are all individually sewn to keep the eggs apart.  The pockets are even big enough to hold goose eggs if you have geese.

Do you have a young chicken keeper?  They'll love that there are child sized egg collecting aprons!

Get egg collecting aprons here.
​Grab a child sized egg collecting apron here.

Heated Perch

In the winter, it can be easy to try to over insulate the chicken coop to keep heat in for our birds.  Over-insulating the coop can create humidity and ammonia problems.

Too much humidity in a cold coop can cause frostbite in your chickens.  It can also increase the amount of ammonia that forms from their droppings in the litter.  Too much ammonia can cause respiratory problems.

Keep your chickens' toes warm this winter with a heated perch.

Not only will their toes stay warm, but it will help to keep their entire body warm.  As their feet warm up, the heat is circulated through their body, keeping it cozy and warm.

​You can get a heated perch here.

Automatic Coop Door Closer

Anyone that has chickens knows that they need to be put up in their coop each night to be safe from predators.  Nocturnal predators like raccoons and weasels will come and grab chickens from their roost if they aren't put up and protected.

Most chicken coops must be opened by hand in the morning and then shut up in the evenings by hand.

An automatic coop door closer does that for you.

This coop door closer will open the coop at daylight and close at dusk.  You can also set it on a timer to close and open at specific times, even if it's light outside.

The door is self-locking to keep predators at bay.  It's also waterproof, so don't worry about rain getting around it to soak bedding inside of the coop.

​If you're looking for a big ticket item, this coop door closer is the perfect gift for chicken keepers.

Gift Giving for People with Chickens

People that love chickens will love gifts that they can get use out of.

Any of the items on this list will make keeping their chickens more enjoyable and easier.  All of these gifts are really practical and sure to impress the chicken person that you know.

These useful gifts for people who love chickens are ideal for backyard chicken keepers with just a few chickens or the more intense homesteader that you know!

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What gifts are you getting for chicken people this year?  Let me know below!

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