Silicone Wedding Rings- A Review From A Hands-On Working Couple

You've probably seen silicone wedding rings around lately.  They are usually multi-colored or patterned and are obviously not metal.  My husband and I tried silicone wedding rings and this is what we thought.

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​This post is my 100% honest opinion.  To write this post, Groove Life provided my husband and I with silicone wedding rings to test out. To receive the rings, they requested that I write a review article that was purely my opinion and experience with their product. I'll never recommend products that I don't absolutely love.

Why Silicone Wedding Rings?

I'll be honest.  I've never been a fan of how silicone rings look.  I'm definitely more traditional and I love my wedding ring.

However, I did find myself having to take my wedding ring off frequently.  As a farmer/animal scientist/ agriculture teacher, I find myself doing tasks with my hands a lot.

These may be dirty tasks like cleaning out a chicken coop or working with wet garden soil. It could also be a task in which I needed to be careful, like artificially inseminating cattle.

Either way, I found myself taking my ring off frequently.

My real wedding ring has many crevices and points that make it easy to snag on something or hold dirt.

If I'm working out in the garden or flower beds, it's simply easier to take my ring off than to try to clean the nasty grime off of my ring. I also noticed that part of the band was faded and scratched, probably from me wearing it when I was working doing farm chores.  Not good.

I also don't like to wear it when I'm working with animals, especially wounded animals or performing artificial insemination on cattle.

When you AI cows, your non-dominant hand is inside of them.  I'm right handed, so my left hand is the one inside of the cow.  I try to keep my fingernails short and I take my ring off so that I'm not cutting them up accidentally.

Michael was worried about a de-gloving accident at work.

Just the word 'de-gloving' makes my stomach hurt.  My husband is an industrial mechanic, so he works on large machinery.  There are many mechanics that have seriously injured their hands or lost fingers because their wedding ring caught on a machine or piece of equipment.

The tissues on your hand are much easier to tear than a metal wedding band.

If your band gets caught in a fast moving or strong piece of equipment, then your finger is likely to become injured long before a metal ring will break.

It has always concerned me that Michael could potentially lose a finger or more because of his wedding ring at work.  I don't like the idea of him losing a finger or his hand.

Probably because when I was growing up, one of my best friends' grandpa used to chase us with his hand that was missing multiple fingers and part of his palm.

If you want to traumatize a child, chase them with a hand that looks like a claw.

Silicone wedding rings could be a solution to prevent degloving accidents.

We had discussed getting tattoos on our wedding fingers so that when we were working and took our rings off, there would still be something there.  However, neither one of us are really interested in getting tattoos.  So we contemplated silicone wedding rings.

Like I mentioned, I wasn't really excited about the way that silicone rings look.  The only ones that I had seen on women looked chunky and they looked like men's rings.

​When we started looking into silicone rings, I realized that I might be able to get a ring that looked feminine and was functional.

Pros of Silicone Wedding Rings

There are five main things that I found I really like about silicone wedding rings.

1.  Cost- 

The cost of silicone rings are insanely cheap when compared to the cost of traditional wedding rings. For example, my real wedding ring cost about $3,000.  My Groove Life rings cost about $35.00 a piece.  That's literally almost 85x's cheaper!

2.  No De-gloving Worries-

With a silicone ring, you don't have to worry about de-gloving accidents. The silicone will rip apart if it snags on something with minimal damage to your finger.

3.  Lifetime Warranty-

This is something that not all silicone rings have.  Groove Life rings come with a 94 year unlimited warranty.  If you break it, they will replace it no questions asked for free.

In fact, their warranty page on the website says "Groove silicone rings are tough, durable and ready to endure anything. However, for your safety, Groove is designed to stretch or tear under pressure so you lose a ring; not a finger!

No matter what happens, we will cover your Groove Ring with our NO BS Warranty!

If your ring gets damaged, cut, stretched, stuck in nuclear waste, eaten by a fish, or even LOST we will replace it! Our mission is to blow your mind and we'll go above and beyond to make you happy!"

That's dedication ya'll.

4.  Comfort- 

I didn't know silicone rings were going to be this comfortable!

These Groove Life rings honestly feel like I don't have a ring on at all!  I also don't have to be careful when I'm working around animals because there aren't any sharp edges or anything to snag.

The rings are smooth, warm and they don't make my finger sweat (which is something I worried about).

5.  They don't get bent- 

I never had issues with my wedding ring getting bent, but Michael says that's an issue that guys have with metal rings.

You can potentially bend them to the point of them pinching your finger.  He also said that after it bends, you're stuck either replacing it or trying to bend it back and fix it.

​The silicone wedding rings don't have that problem.  They are squishy and when hit, they bend and hold their shape.

Cons to Silicone Wedding Rings

I was really worried before our rings came that they would feel weird and thick or that they would cause my finger to sweat.

The Groove Life rings have grooves inside of them that allows airflow to get to your finger.  My finger never sweated with the silicone wedding ring on.  If it weren't for the grooves inside, I think my finger would have sweated.  So really, with the Groove Life rings, this wasn't a con.

When I put the silicone ring on, I thought that it would look chunky on my finger.

I was surprised to see that it didn't look chunky.

The rings that I got were slender and feminine.  I got two patterned rings and one that was called 'pearl'.  I wasn't crazy about the pearl ring, but the other two patterned rings were very attractive.

There was a difference in the feel of the patterned rings and the pearl ring.  The patterned rings were slightly stiffer than the pearl ring.  I'm not sure if that's because it went through printing or what.  They were still very smooth, flexible and comfortable.

​Overall, I would say that my only con to the silicone wedding bands is the overall appearance.  If you prefer the traditional wedding band look, then you may not appreciate the silicone wedding rings as much.

Final Thoughts About Silicone Wedding Rings

Overall, I was very impressed with the Groove Life rings.  As I mentioned above, my husband and I both frequently work with our hands.

Therefore, it's very important for us to be both comfortable and safe at all times.  I've told Michael before that a de-gloving accident or lost finger is not acceptable.  Sorry, but it would just freak me out. I guess I was scarred as a child. Not to mention that Michael would constantly try to touch me with it just because he knows it would bother me.

Do I think that silicone rings are necessary?

If you are in a profession similar to my husband and I, or you farm, then yes.

Since we've gotten these silicone wedding rings, we wear them very frequently.  Not only are they safe, but they are super comfortable.  They honestly feel like you aren't wearing a ring at all!

​If you are interested in the Groove Life rings, you can find more information on their website here at Groove Life Wedding Rings or Groove Life Silicone Rings.

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What do you think about silicone wedding rings?  Do you own one?  Let me know below!

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