Ultimate Mini Roast Beef Sliders

Roast beef and Swiss is one of my all time favorite sandwich combinations.  McAlister's has a roast beef sandwich that has Provolone and horseradish on it. It is sooo good.  We experimented in the kitchen a little bit and came up with something that's even better.  And cheaper, since you're making it at home!

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​These sandwiches are super easy to put together but I promise they won't last long.

You'll need a package of Hawaiian bread rolls.  We used a 12 pack of King's Hawaiian bread rolls.  They are sweet, soft and perfect with almost any sandwich.

You'll also need a half of a pound of shaved roast beef, one 8-oz package of either Swiss or Provolone cheese, mayonnaise, horseradish, poppy seed and butter.

If you don't have poppy seeds, check these out.

​This recipe makes an entire loaf of sandwiches, so once you cut them into individual rolls, you'll have 12 mini sandwiches.

Making the Roast Beef Sandwiches

First, cut the rolls with a bread knife like this one.  You want to cut the entire loaf in half so that you have a slice that is the top of the rolls and a slice that is the bottom.  It makes it easier to put the sandwiches together if you have a top and bottom slice for the entire package of rolls.

Make the horseradish sauce for the roast beef sandwiches

Mix together your mayo and horseradish.  Spread this on the bottom half of the rolls.

Layer on the roast beef first, then the cheese.  Make sure each roll is covered with roast beef and cheese.

Melt your butter and smear half of the butter on the inside of the top half of the rolls.

Sprinkle half of the poppy seeds on the butter.

​Put the top of the rolls back on.  Spread the rest of the melted butter over the rolls and sprinkle the remaining poppy seeds on the top.

Put in the oven on 325 degrees for 20 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the meat in the center of the loaf is warm.

Take them out of the oven and break into the cheesy, spicy, melty goodness.

These mini sandwiches would be an amazing tailgate or finger food for a party.  We've fixed these roast beef sandwich sliders so many times as a quick and easy lunch.

​The horseradish adds a little bit of bite, but not so much that our kids don't devour them also.  Do you make any sliders at your house?  What do you make? Let me know below!

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