Ordering Baby Chicks Online

There are several ways that you can get baby chicks if you want some.  But I'm going to tell you today about my favorite way to get baby chicks: ordering baby chicks online!

Ordering baby chicks online is the best way to get chickens, trust me!

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This post is 100% my honest opinion.  To write this post, Hoover's Hatchery provided me with baby chicks to raise. To receive the chicks, they requested that I write a review article that was purely my opinion and experience with their product and services.  I'll never recommend products that I don't absolutely love.

So many ways to purchase baby chicks!

Today it is so easy to purchase things we want with a simple click of a button.  Many people don't think that this includes livestock, but it does!

ordering baby chicks online

We're so obsessed with quickly ordering something and then moving on to the next task.  I don't know about you but I never seem to have enough hours in the day so ordering things online has made my life so much easier!

I want to share with you a few of the ways that you can purchase baby chicks and my personal favorite that I've used multiple times.

Getting Chicks from Your Local Feed Store

Looking at you Tractor Supply.

Most feed stores and co-ops offer baby chicks in the spring.  Many of these stores only offer them for a few short weeks before they clear the space out and make more room for the next merchandise.

I've purchased chicks from both our local feed store and our local Tractor Supply.  I like that they are easily accessible and if I see a cute breed or something that I want, I can get it that day.

But that's about the end of my love for buying chicks through feed stores.

I feel like the chicks are simply merchandise to them.  Not that they don't try to take good care of them, because our feed store and TSC really does.  I'm not throwing them under the bus at all.

But, the fact is that these stores are going to keep going with or without the chicks.  There's always more feed, fertilizer and a myriad of farmy-goods that need to be sold.  So I'm not convinced that they chicks get the complete 100% attentive care that they always need.

I've also purchased chicks numerous times that were supposed to be pullets and ended up getting roosters. 

I would like to think that sexing chicks would be a training session that employees would get before selling chicks...?

​You're also very limited in the breeds that you can purchase.  The breeds are determined by what the store wants to order so if you're wanting Brahmans or Cochins or a less common breed, you might be out of luck.

ordering baby chicks online

Buying Chicks from Local Farms

I love the idea of buying local and supporting your local businesses and farmers.  If you're lucky enough to have a farmer around you that hatches eggs you can purchase local chicks.

However, take this with a grain of salt.  Not everyone that raises chicks should raise chicks.  Do your homework.  When you're buying chicks from a local farm, ask to see their adult flock.  A good farmer will be more than glad to show them to you.

I know that there are many reputable breeders out there that raise healthy chicks.  But I also know that there are some not-so-reputable breeders that raise chicks and will sell you an unhealthy chick just to be rid of it or make a buck.

Be smart and ask a lot of questions.

A good breeder will be able to tell you what kind of feed the chicks are on, how old they are and what kind of chicken they are. 

These are pretty basic questions; if they can't answer them then you may want to avoid purchasing a chick from them.

Ordering Baby Chicks Online

This is my favorite way to purchase chicks!  There are many hatcheries out there that offer chicks for sale.  I've personally ordered from Murray McMurray, Cackle Hatchery and, most recently, Hoover's Hatchery.

​When you order chicks from a hatchery, you're not limited in the chickens that you can get. 

ordering baby chicks online

Not interested in chickens?  What about quail, pheasants or turkeys?

​These are all options when you order birds online.

You also don't have to worry about the health of your chicks when you order chickens online.

These companies only sell birds.  That means that if they get a bad reputation for selling sick birds then they are out of business.

​They are literally in business to sell baby chicks, so you'll only get the best quality.

You can even get your chicks vaccinated against coccidiosis and Mareks if you want.  I don't know that local farmers or local feed stores offer vaccinated birds.

Hoover's Hatchery has a massive selection of over 100 breeds!  You're not limited with the options that they have.  They sell some of the newer breeds available also like these:

-Rudd Rangers
-Prairie Bluebell Eggers
-Sapphire Olive Eggers
-Midnight Majesty Marans
Starlight Green Eggers

​And this is just a sample of some of the new breeds that they are offering this year!

The process of ordering baby chicks online

It's really simple to order chicks online.  Most hatcheries, like Hoover's Hatchery, will allow you to order directly online.

They also offer pictures of the breeds as both chicks and adults.  They also have descriptions of the breeds and the egg colors listed.

If you haven't checked out some of the birds that you can order online, I would suggest starting here on the chickens page at Hoover's.

Placing your order

Ordering chicks has never been easier!

Simply choose the breed that you want to order and click on it.  The next page will show you if you can order the chicks as pullets (females), males or straight run (unsexed males and females).

Add the chicks you want to your cart.  Once your cart has everything in it that you want, check out!

When you get ready to place your order, you'll have to select a shipping date.  Have a couple of dates that work for you in mind.

Sometimes hatcheries sell out of chicks for certain weeks and your order may not be available for that week.  Try another week if it isn't available.

It takes about 1-2 days for chicks to arrive to you after they have been shipped.  Keep this in mind when you're choosing a shipping date.  You're choosing the date that the chicks leave the hatchery, not the date that they will arrive to you.

Of course, if you don't want to order chicks online, you can always purchase chicks over the phone.  This is a great idea if you have questions about certain breeds that aren't answered online.

Receiving your chicks

​Baby chicks probably will not come straight to your home.  Most of the time, they are shipped to your local post office and you will have to go pick the chicks up there.

This may seem like an inconvenience, but I'm always eager to get them home as soon as I can.  They travel a long way to get to me in a box and I don't want them to have to ride in another vehicle for any longer.  It's also exciting the day that they come!

When your chicks arrive, make sure that you get them home as quickly as possible.  Have their brooder area set up and ready to go for them.  Put them into the brooder and make sure that they all get a drink.

I've ordered chicks numerous times.  I've only ordered chicks twice when a few arrived dead.  There are a few reasons that this can happen but honestly, they usually arrive healthy!  If for some reason you have chicks that are dead upon arrival, contact the hatchery ASAP.

​Most hatcheries have a refund or replacement guarantee.  I always open the box as soon as I get it and check to make sure that they are all there, the breeds are the right ones and everyone is healthy.  If something is not right, I call the hatchery right then.

What to expect when ordering baby chicks online

Ordering chicks online is my favorite way to get chicks.  You know that you'll be getting healthy chicks that are really high quality.

In fact, most people that show chickens in livestock shows (like 4-H) prefer to get their birds from a hatchery.  Hatcheries only provide the best quality birds.

You can also feel assured that your chicks are protected with a guarantee.

In fact, Hoover's Hatchery offers a 48 hour guarantee.  That means that you can call the hatchery about sick or dead chicks up to 48 hours after you have received them.  They will either refund your money or replace your chicks to make it right.

Any time that you order chicks from a hatchery you also have the peace of mind that if something comes up, you can call the hatchery.  If some of your chicks become ill or you have questions, you can call the hatchery and they can answer any questions you may have.

There's honestly no better way to get chickens than by ordering baby chicks online!

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ordering baby chicks online, free guide to homemade chicken feed, treats, herbal blends

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​Do you order chicks online? What are some of the breeds that you love to get that are only found at a hatchery? Let me know below!

Hoover's Hatchery has been in the business of hatching healthy chicks since 1944!  Hoover's Hatchery is proud to be a family business.  They offer free shipping on everything so you don't have to worry about hidden shipping costs.  They also pride themselves in offering excellent customer service.  Hoover's can provide information about raising chickens.  There is an online blog, News From the Coop, where you can join a community of other chicken keepers, find solutions and learn to raise healthy chickens.

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