Complete and Comprehensive Guide to Chicken Names

Looking for good chicken names?  Check out these funny chicken names, rooster names, chicken pun names and the all around best names for chickens.

It's easy to come up with fun and cute names for most pets.  But what about names for chickens?

Naming a chicken can seem harder than naming a dog, cat or other pet.  I've put together this ultimate list of chicken names that you can use to find the perfect names for your backyard chickens.

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Older chickens are easier to name

When chickens are babies, they don't have much of a personality.

​​They tend to eat, sleep and poop. So it can be hard to come up with good chicken names for chicks.

best names for chickens

As chickens mature, they will have distinct personalities that show up.  Some chickens may really love attention and want to follow you around like a puppy.

Some chickens aren't 'people persons' and want to hang with other chickens.

Your rooster might be bold and thrive on attention when he crows and shows himself off, while some roosters are more laid back and don't crow often.

​The personality of your chicken can really help you to come up with the perfect chicken name.  It's much easier to find the perfect name for your chicken when you know what the chicken's personality is like.

Funny Chicken Names

1.  Birdzilla

This would be a great name for a big chicken, like a Black Jersey giant or a Brahma.

2.  Chick Fillet

This name is perfect for a small chicken.  It seems fitting for a little bantam or small silkie chicken.

3.  Clucker

4.  Schnitzel

Schnitzel is a type of thin, fried meat, usually chicken breast.  A perfect name for a chicken that won't be battered and fried. :)

5. Drumstick

Another good name for a chicken that won't be eaten at Sunday supper.

6.  Chickenette

Do you have a little bantam chicken?  This would be a perfect name for an undersized hen.

7.  First

Which came first... the chicken or the egg?  Use this classic question to name your hen and you'll be able to say for sure that "First" came first once she starts laying.

8.  Pollo Loco

This is a dish that can be found on many a Mexican restaurant menus.  Translated, it means 'Crazy Chicken'.  Do you have a chicken with a big personality that's goofy?

9.  Egg Nog

Egg nog is a creamy drink served around the holidays.  This would be a wonderful name for a light blonde chicken, like a Buff Orpington, especially for a chick that was hatched in the fall.

10.  McChicken

Another perfect name for a chicken that won't wind up on the dinner table.

11.  Mother Clucker

​This is a perfect fit for the one chicken in your flock that constantly gets into the feed bin when you aren't looking.  Or the one that manages to poop on your patio furniture as soon as you turn your back.

Rooster Names

best names for chickens

There are so many good rooster names out there.  Roosters can have huge personalities and really love to stand out from the rest of the flock.

A good rooster name should represent the personality of the rooster.

Again, this is easier to do when the rooster is a little older and you can really grasp the true personality of the rooster.

 1.  Cluck Kent

Any superman or Clark Kent fans out there?  This would be a perfect name for a dark feathered rooster, since Clark Kent had black hair.

2.  Cluck Norris

Chuck Norris is an iconic crime-fighting good guy.  In real life he has a black belt in Tang Soo Do, Brazilian jiu jitsu and Judo.

This would be a perfect name for the rooster that's always on the lookout for his hens.

3.  Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and the symbol for KFC, would be a perfect name for the white feathered rooster in your flock.

4.  Elvis

Do you have a rock and roll star in your rooster?  Elvis is a perfect name for a showy rooster.

5.  General Tso

This amazing Asian dish is fried chicken covered in a sweet and spicy red sauce.  A perfect name for a rusty red colored rooster.

6.  Roo Paul

7.  Rooster Cogburn

​John Wayne played Rooster Cogburn in this classic Western film.  Another perfect name for a rooster that's always watching out for his hens.

8.  Russell Crowe

9.  Wyatt Chirp

Wyatt Earp fans will love this pun on his name!

10.  Yolko Ono

11.  Draco

Another fitting name for a white feathered rooster, especially one that is slightly mischievous.

12.  Griffin

13.  Eddy

14.  Sir Clucks a Lot

15.  Rocky

Is your rooster a tried and true fighter?

16.  Darryl

Calling all Walking Dead fans!  Who doesn't love Darryl?

17.  Winifred

18.  Gus

19.  Hank

This is a classic rooster name that has been used countless times to name big, stout roosters.

20.  Duke

​21.  Alarm Clock

22.  Chick Jagger

Any Mick Jagger fans?

23.  Johnny Cash

24.  Ben

25.  Gus

26.  Gaston

In Beauty and the Beast, Gaston is the big hunky guy that tries to win Belle's heart before she finds herself at the Beast's castle.

Gaston is a big hunky guy that can also sing, just like your flock's rooster.

27.  Toulouse

28.  Boomer

29.  Manfred

30.  Jeb

31.  General Lee

The legendary car from Dukes of Hazard would give your rooster an iconic name.

It seems extremely fitting for a showy red rooster.

32.  Boss Hogg

33.  Bo Duke

34.  Norman

35.  Silas

36.  Alfred

37.  Archie

38.  Floyd

39.  Foghorn

Foghorn Leghorn is a classic character that appeared in many Looney Tunes episodes.

Foghorn was a white leghorn rooster.

40.  Skipper

41.  Afroman

42.  Godzilla

43.  Rocket

44. Beast

​Do you have a huge rooster, like a Jersey giant or a Brahma?

Old Fashioned Names for Chickens

There is nothing cuter than a good old-fashioned name for your hens.

1.  Gertrude

2.  Ethel

3.  Frieda

4.  Mirabelle

5.  Clementine

Oh my darlin', oh my darlin', oh my darlin' Clementine...

6.  Henrietta

7.  Lottie

8.  Betsy

9.  Cleo

10.  Penelope

11.  Jezebel

12.  Ethel

13.  Darla

Darla was a cute character in the Movie the Little Rascals.  This is a cute name for a sweet and pretty chicken.

14.  Dinah

15.  Nellie

16.  Harriet

17.  Etta

18.  Enid

Another name for Walking Dead fans... This old school name is perfect for the survivor hen in your flock.

19.  Esme

20.  Eunice

21.  Evie

22.  Fannie

23.  Faye

24.  Flossie

25.  Frances

26.  Georgette

27.  Georgina

28.  Glenda

29.  Greta

30.  Helga

This German name would be a great choice for a German hen breed like a Lakenvelder, Hamburg or German Langshan.

31.  Hilda

32.  Mabel

33.  Madge

34.  Maggie

35.  Maisie

36.  Mamie

Do you have a 'mother hen' in your flock?  Mamie would be an excellent name for her.

best names for chickens

37.  Martha

38.  Maude

39.  Mavis

40.  Nannette

This seems like a perfect name for a small hen or a bantam hen.

41.  Phyllis

Are you a fan of the show The Office?

Phyllis seems like a name for a slightly oversized, gray, sweet-natured chicken.

42.  Polly

43.  Sassy

44.  Selma

45.  Thelma

This old-school name is the name of a nerdy and awkward character on the show Scooby-Doo.

It would be a wonderful name for the hen that doesn't quite hang out with the rest of the flock.

46.  Tillie

47.  Trixie

48.  Wilma

​49.  Gloria

Chicken Pun Names

Are you looking for some funny chicken pun names?

This collection of chicken pun names is sure to get some laughs and definitely funny looks!

 1.  Albert Eggstein

2.  Anderson Coop-er

3.  Attila the Hen

4.  Chickira

A perfect name for the hen whose hips don't lie.

5.  David Beekham

6.  Dixie Chick

7.  Eggatha Christie

8.  Hen Solo

9.  Meryl Cheep

10.  Oprah Henfrey

11.  Princess Layer

A sweet name for a star laying hen.

12.  Amelia Egghart

13.  Clucky Stars

14.  Shelldon

15.  Eggrethra Franklin

16.  Lindsey Lo-hen

17.  Heidi Plume

18.  Eggar Allen Poe

19.  Henneth Paltrow

20. Yolky-mon

​21. Repecka

22. Mother Plucker

23. Mr. Feathers

24. Peepers

25. Edward Scissor Beaks

26.  Selena Gomeggs

27.  Annie Yolkley

28.  Bok Bok Choy

29.  Goldie Hen

30.  Eggs Benedict

31.  Eggsorcist

32.  Eggwina

33.  Sal Monella

34.  Tyrannosaurus Pecks

This name seems fitting for for a really big chicken.

35.  Eggspresso

​A cool name for a dark colored hen, like a French Black Copper Maran.

Chicken Names from Famous Characters

There are so many famous characters that have names that could easily become a chicken name.

Some of the names on this list are from cartoons, some are from iconic TV shows.

 1. Big Bird

2.  Pocahontas

3.  Snow White

Snow White was an ivory skinned, black haired Disney character.

Lakenvelders couldn't have a more perfect name.

4.  Cinderella

5.  Cindy-Lou

6.  Thumbelina

Thumbelina is a fairy that was born on a flower and was only a couple of inches tall.

Looking for a name for your super small hen?

7.  Minnie

8.  Clarissa

9.  Daphne

10.  Daisy

11.  Dorothy

12.  Otis

13.  Little Red

This name would be well suited for the small Rhode Island red hen in your flock.

14.  Meeko

15.  Drisella

16.  Anastasia

17.  Scuttle

Scuttle was the seagull that was friends with Ariel in the Disney Classic the Little Mermaid.

18.  Tinker Bell

19.  Iago

Iago was the not-so-nice parrot in Disney's movie Aladdinn.

20.  Jasmine

21.  Prince Phillip

22.  King Stefan

23.  Fauna

24.  Flora

25.  Merryweather

26.  Mushu

27.  Gidget

Gidget is a white fluffball of a dog in the movie the Secret Life of Pets.  You couldn't ask for a more fitting name for a white silkie.

28.  Shere Khan

29.  Baloo

30.  Zazu

The intelligent hornbill in the Lion King that always tries to keep everyone out of trouble.

31.  Bashful

32.  Heihei

A perfect name for the not-so-smart bird in your flock.

Heihei is a chicken in the Disney movie Moana that is less than intelligent.

​Check out some of Heihei's most laughable moments here:

33.  Panchito Pistoles

Panchito Pistoles is a trigger-happy Mexican rooster who first appeared in Disney's 1945 animated feature film, The Three Caballeros.

34.  Chewbacca

Brown silkie chickens need this name.

35.  Yoda

36.  Chicken Little

37.  Dora

38.  Dorothy

39.  Daisy Duke

40. Marilyn

An awesome name for the showstopper hen.

41.  Ophelia

42.  Shirley

43.  Matt Dillon

Matt Dillon was the Dodge City marshal in the iconic TV show Gunsmoke.

44.  Barney Fife

45.  Gomer Pyle

46.  Miss Kitty

The red haired saloon owner in the show Gunsmoke.  A perfect name for a red feathered hen.

47.  Doc Adams

48.  Festus

The deputy in the show Gunsmoke has a name that seems perfectly fitting for a rooster.

​49.  Hoss

On the hit show Bonanza, Hoss was an easy going 'gentle giant'.

A fitting name for a large, sweet rooster.

50.  Little Joe

Little Joe was Hoss's little brother on Bonanza.

51.  Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid is an infamous American old West outlaw and gunfighter.

52.  Doc Holliday

John Henry "Doc" Holliday was an American gambler, gunfighter, and dentist.

A close friend and associate of lawman Wyatt Earp, Holliday is best known for his role in the events leading up to and following the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

53.  John Wayne

This name is everything American Old West.

54. Slim

Slim is a famous character from the show Laramie.  Slim's character was large, tan and had sandy hair.

A fitting name for a blonde colored rooster.

55. Jess

In the show Laramie, Jess makes his way to Slim's ranch.

The character is dark complected and dark haired, a good name for a dark colored rooster.

56. Bart Maverick

57. Cisco Kid

58.  Jesse James

59.  Johnny Ringo

60. Lucas McCain

The star role in the TV show the Rifleman.

61. McClintock

John Wayne played George Washington McClintock in this Western film.

62.  Pancho

63.  Tonto

64. The Lone Ranger

65. Red Ryder

66. Rowdy Yates

67.  Roy Rodgers

68. Trigger

Trigger, Roy Rodger's iconic palomino horse.  A perfect name for a blonde feathered rooster.

69.  Annie Oakley

70.  Wild Bill

71.  Wyatt Earp

72.  Woody

73.  Django

74.  Blackbeard

​Could you ask for a better fitting name for a black rooster?

Good Chicken Names

These names are classic names that are sweet, cute and overall good names for the chickens in your flock.

They didn't fit in the other name categories, as they are simple and more modern.  These good chicken names couldn't be left out though!

1. Angel

An ideal name for the sweet hen that loves to be held.

2. Angelica

3.  Barry

4.  Bonnie

5.  Callie

6. Jewel

The perfect name for the prettiest hen in the flock.

7.  Fleur

Fleur means flower in French.  A more sophisticated name for a pretty hen.

8.  Beaker

9.  Opie

10.  Bonnie

11.  Millie

12.  Mollie

13.  Mandy

14.  Claudine

15.  Dolly

16. Potpie

17. Sweet Pea

Another fitting name for a sweet hen.

18.  Penny

19.  Bella

20.  Buck Beak

21.  Estelle

22.  Geraldine

23.  Abigail

24.  Willow

25.  Sassy

Every flock has a sassy hen.  Why not name her for her personality?

26.  Ferdinand

27.  Chloe

28.  Duchess

29.  Flower

30.  Jane

31.  Flash

32.  Queen

Do you have a queen bee in your flock?  You might as well name her queen if she acts like one!

33.  Gypsy

34.  Hazel

35.  Henry

36.  Stella

37.  Lucky

It's not uncommon to have a chick that struggles early on.  This is the perfect name for the chick that almost didn't make it.

38.  Lady

39.  Nugget

40. Harper

41. Bingo

This is a cute name that would be really great for a Barred Rock or another black and white chicken.

42.   Holly

43.  Cammie

44.  Caroline

​45.  Cecelia

Names Based on Colors and Feathers

One of the easiest ways to name chickens is to name them based on their feathers.

If you have a flock with mixed breeds, this is a really great way to name them.

I've also included some names for chickens that have crazy hair, like Silkies and some of the Polish breeds.

​Names for Red and Blonde Chickens

best names for chickens

Red and blonde colored chickens are extremely common.

They can range from light creamy blonde to deep rusty reds.

Many of these names are food related, but don't worry, they're still really cute names!

1. Honey

2.  Nutmeg

3. Cinammon

An excellent name for a Cinnamon Queen hen.

4.  Scarlett

5.  Rusty

6.  Pumpkin

This would be a wonderful name for an orange-hued hen, like a dark orange Buff Orpington.

7. Daffodil

8. Sunshine

9.  Sunny

Some blonde hens are quite yellow.  Sunny would be an awesome name for a yellow feathered hen.

10.  Buttercup

11. Caramel

12. Cheesepuff

13. Sandy

14. Rose

15.  Terra

Terra cotta is a dark rusty color.  An excellent name for a deep red chicken.

​16.  Peanut

17.  Ginger

18.  Goldie

19. Marigold

20.  Ruby

21.  Tawny

22.  Curry

23. Cashew

24.  Custard

25.  Dandelion

Brown Chicken Names

Brown chickens aren't as common, but brown chickens are extremely pretty.

I've listed really pretty names for the gorgeous brunettes in your flock.

1. Clove

2.  Sienna

3. Truffle

This seems fitting for a French Black Copper Maran hen.

4. Acorn

5. Chesnut

6. Bear

7. Hickory

8. Tawny

9. Rouge

10. Penny

For the reddish brown hen in the flock.

11. Cocoa

12. Coffee

13. Guiness

This famous dark beer would be a pretty name for a dark brown chicken.

14. Godiva

15. Hershey

16. Kahlua

17. Jameson

18. Raisin

19. Snickers

20. Beans

This would be cute, although silly, name for a light brown chicken.

21.  Cadbury

22. Carob

For the hen that isn't quite chocolate.

23. Chip

24. Cronan (gaelic for deep brown)

25.  Fudge

26.  Mocha

27.  Moose

This is probably one of my favorite names for a brown chicken.  Moose is original and cute.

28.  Roux

Pronounced 'roo', a roux is made in many Cajun and Creole dishes.

A good roux is a deep brown color, making it more than suitable as a name for a deep brown chicken.

29.  Teak

​Names for White Chickens

best names for chickens

White chickens are really common, especially if you're looking for egg layers.

White chickens can be just as pretty as colored chickens, despite the lack of flashy color.

1. Pearl

2. Salt

3. Snowy

4. Marshmallow

5. Snowball

6. Opal

This is a great name for the white chicken that has a few flecks of color in her feathers.

7.  Cream

8.  Sugar

9.  Ghost

10. Blanco

Blanco is the Spanish word for white.

11. Cotton

12.  Moon

13.  Blanche

Blanche is the French word for white.

14. Cloud

15. Igloo

16.  Comet

17.  Casper

18.  Blizzard

19.  Yeti

A really fun and cute name for a large white chicken.

​Names for Black Chickens

best names for chickens

Black chickens are rarely just black.  They often have hues of green or purple in their feathers, making them really stand out.

These black chickens names will stand out too.

1.  Pepper

2.  Raven

3.  Shadow

4.  Olive

5.  Midnight

6. Felix

7. Damian

This is a good name for the solid black chicken in the flock.

8. Jet

9. Cinder

10. Sooty

11. Sheba

12. Nessie

13.  Puck

14.  Poppy

Poppy seems like a cute name for a black hen that is both pretty and friendly.

15.  Carbon

16. Cinder

​17. Ebony

18. Ember

19. Graphite

20. Stormy

21. Thunder

22. Twilight

23. Blackberry

You couldn't ask for a more fitting name for a black chicken that has purple hues in her feathers.

24. Panther

25.  Beauty

Just like in the movie Black Beauty, this would be an awesome name for a gentle black chicken.

26. Spider

27.  Nero

Nero is Italian for black.

28. Eclipse

29.  Blackjack

30.  Diesel

Grey Chicken Names

Grey chickens can range in color from light ashy greys to deep steel grays.

You'll be able to find a name for your grey chicken here, no matter what shade of grey.

1. Lavender

2. Hazel

3. Violet

4. Bluebell

5. Smoke

6. Ash

7. Silver

8. Bullet

9. Grigio

10. Gris

11. Heather

12. Lilac

13. Smokey

14.  Periwinkle

Names for Speckled Chickens

​Many chicken breeds are speckled or spotted.  Some breeds, like the Wyandottes, have feathers with two different colors.

best names for chickens

These names are great fits for the speckled and spotted chickens.

1. Speckles

2. Sprinkles

3. Freckles

4. Spots

​5. Confetti

6. Patches

7.  Oreo

A really cute and fun name for the Barred Rocks and Silver Laced Wyandottes.

8. Zebra

9. Orca

10. Panda

11. Penguin

12. Blotch

13. Camo

This seems like a fun name for a Gold Laced Wyandotte or a Speckled Sussex.

14. Callie (for calico)

15. Chutney

16.  Checkers

17.  Dapple

18.  Dice

19. Mancha

20.  Manchita

21. Snickers

22. Plum

23.  Domino

​Names for Chickens with Odd Feathers

best names for chickens

Some breeds of chickens have crazy, fun feathers.

If you've got a crazy haired chicken, give it a fun name to go with that crazy hair!

1. Silky Boy

2. Fluffy

3. Midget

4. Elmo

5. Gollum

This seems super fitting for the naked neck chickens...

6. Downy

7. Fluffy

8. Furby

9. Fuzz

10. Fizzle

Mrs. Fizzle was the teacher on the show The Magic School Bus.

Because of her, this name seems perfect for a fluffy ginger colored hen.

11. Puff

12. Fabio

Do you have a rooster with extremely long feathers?

​13. Bangs

14. Curly

15.  Phoenix

16.  Kramer

Kramer, from the TV show Seinfeld, had really crazy hair.  It always managed to look like he stuck his finger in an outlet.

​Seems perfect for a Polish chicken!

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best names for chickens

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