DIY Reusable Dryer Sheets

These DIY reusable dryer sheets are super simple and will save you so much money!

​It's so easy to spend money on laundry supplies- They're must need items and it's convenient to just grab them and go.  But, it's also really easy to make some of this stuff at home, like these DIY reusable dryer sheets!

I love lavender and vanilla. There is something so relaxing about getting into warm sheets that smell like lavender and vanilla.  Pretty much every laundry detergent and fabric softener that I buy has either lavender or vanilla in it.

But, one thing that I never buy?

Dryer sheets. I just can't spend the extra money on it.  Why should I buy a thin piece of paper that has a tiny amount of smell on it? And then I have to dig it out and throw it away after the clothes come out of the dryer? That just screams waste to me. No thanks.

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DIY Reusable Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are somewhat of a luxury.  But, they don't have to be!

I've found a frugal way to add the extra scent of your favorite fabric softener to your laundry, for pennies on the dollar!  Dryer sheets essentially are these  (thinner than paper) thin sheets that are sprayed with a tiny amount of diluted fragrance.  You can easily do the same thing at home by diluting your favorite fabric softener and soaking sponges in it.

Making these DIY Reusable Dryer Sheets is really simple and only requires a few things!

If you're like me, you probably already have what you need to get started.

You'll need a small plastic tub with a locking lid, sponges and a bottle of fabric softener.

The sponges that you will want for this project are the kind that don't have the scrubby side.

Just a plain sponge will work the best.  Make sure that you have multiple sponges.

I used eight sponges for this.

​You'll also need a small plastic tub, or a large five gallon bucket if you feel like mixing a large amount!  Either way is fine, as long as the container has a lid.

This is a super simple DIY Project

You're going to mix the fabric softener 1:1 with water. So if you put one cup of fabric softener into your container, put one cup of water in it and mix it up.

Once the fabric softener is mixed well with the water, add the sponges so that they can soak up the mixture.

When you get ready to use one of your DIY reusable dryer sheets, gently squeeze some of the excess off and toss it into the dryer with a load of laundry.

​The fabric softener will make your clothes smell amazing!

When you pull the clothes out of the dryer, toss the sponge back into the mix and you can use it again.

DIY Reusable Dryer Sheets are a cheap, frugal way to make sure that your laundry always smells awesome!

I also love the fact that when you use these DIY reusable dryer sheets, there's no waste!  I despise throwing away the store bought dryer sheets. I'm not even sure what they are made of honestly.

But with these DIY reusable dryer sheets, I don't have to worry about throwing anything away except for the fabric softener bottle.  You could reduce your waste even more by mixing up your own fabric softener.

All you need is a few items and about five minutes and you can make these super easy DIY reusable dryer sheets!

​How easy was that??

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Do you make reusable dryer sheets? If so, let me know below!

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