Building A Chicken Coop From Shed- Part II

How to build a chicken coop from a shed.

If you read Part I to this article, you know that we were able to build a chicken coop from a shed. We took an existing shed and split it into two sections: one that would be used for feed and livestock supply storage and one that would become chicken coop.

In this post, I'm going to walk you through the next steps we took to add nesting boxes to our DIY chicken coop out of an existing shed.

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Your chickens need to have a coop to stay safe from predators and the weather.

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Building a chicken coop from shed- continued

In the shed, we separated the two sections with a wall that we studded up, covered with plywood and installed a door in.  We were left with a blank slate for the chicken coop.

Adding nesting boxes to our chicken coop

We needed to give the hens somewhere to lay, so we needed nesting boxes. We wanted the nesting boxes to make an "L" shape in the shed.

When you walk through the door of the coop, there would be nesting boxes on the side of the wall next to the door (to the left of the door) and the wall connecting to it.  The wall to the right of the door was left open, as that is where the window is situated.

We didn't want our chickens nesting or roosting near the window, especially since we would be using it for ventilation occasionally.  The wall opposite the door would be where we would put roosting bars up for the chickens.

Nesting Boxes

The first thing we (well, Michael.. I pretty much watched and let him know how great it all looked! :) ) did was build the nesting boxes.  We assembled these outside of the shed in sections so that we could simply install sections into the shed.

​The nesting boxes were made out of 1 x 4's that we purchased from the local hardware and lumber store.  We started by laying four of the boards side by side. We attached them together with another board underneath.

Building nesting boxes

To create nesting boxes, we attached a 1 x 4' to the front and back of the boards to create edges.  Michael then measured and cut pieces out of 1 x 4's to fit in between the front and back boards to create individual boxes.  Our boxes are roughly 14" inches square.

To create the "L" shape, the boards at the corner needed to be cut at an angle.  The corner was also boarded up and turned into a nesting box.  We assembled the two pieces outside of the shed.  Once the two pieces were ready to be hung in the shed, it was time for the next step.

Hanging the Nesting Boxes

Although the walls were studded up, there wasn't a good way to hang the nesting boxes.  We took 2 x 4's and ran them horizontally around the inside of the shed. We hung them where we wanted to hang the nesting boxes.  Make sure these boards are level so your eggs don't roll around!

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Once, the 2 x 4's were hung, we had something to attach the nesting boxes to.  These had to be attached in separate pieces. Then they were attached to one another for extra security.

Installing nesting boxes

​We installed the nesting boxes that had a piece that would lay under the other nesting box for easier installation.  Once that side was secured to the wall, we could install the other side to the wall and attach the two sides together.

And there you have it! We have nesting boxes!  We filled the boxes with shavings and the next day there were eggs in some of the boxes.  :)

​How did you make nesting boxes for your hens?  I'd love to hear about it!

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Have you turned a shed into a chicken coop? How did you do it? Let me know below!

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