Ready to live a simpler, more traditional and healthier life?

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You probably know that homesteading is a healthier way of life, but did you know that it can add years to your lifespan? You can create a mini 'blue zone' right where you live by homesteading. 

If you've been struggling with knowing where to begin, this is the perfect first step! It'll show you how to:

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  • ​How you can create your own mini-blue zone right where you are for a healthier lifestyle for your family
  • Decide what you need (and don't) on your homestead so you aren't creating an endless chore list
  • ​Think about your homestead in the long term so you feel confident starting a homestead

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"I wish I had discovered Shelby DeVore when I started gardening last year. The training that she hosted was both informative and inspiring! In her classes, she does a great job of giving you the nuts and bolts for vegetable gardening and homesteading and explains complex topics simply and clearly. I was armed with much better information to get started this year and I can finally stop Googling the things that are not going quite right on my homestead." -Danette Cathcart

Hey, I’m Shelby DeVore!

You want to homestead and live a healthier, more traditional life, but where do you start?

I've been a backyard farmer and homesteader for over 20 years. I've raised hundreds of chickens, goats, pigs, cattle, and everything in between. I know what it's like to fill up an acre with animals and a garden, but I've also farmed a larger spread of 14 acres.

With my personal experience, agricultural science background (a B.S. in Animal and Dairy Science and an M.S. in Agriculture), and former experience teaching high school and college agriculture classes, I know that I can help you create a farm that will help you put real, homegrown food on your table.

I'm here to help you ditch the modern-day chaos that most people accept as 'fulfilling' and instead, I'll hold your hand and help guide you through creating a homemade, simpler life that you love- one that nourishes your mind, body and soul.