Homesteading is the key to living a simpler, more traditional and sustainable lifestyle.

You want to live a simpler, more traditional lifestyle...


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We help women learn the skills to confidently homestead so that they can embrace a simpler, more traditional lifestyle and live a more meaningful, sustainable life.  

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beginner's guide to homesteading

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Shelby DeVore

Through her wildly popular and sold-out events, website, courses and membership, Shelby DeVore has inspired hundreds of thousands of homesteaders worldwide to start creating a simpler, more traditional lifestyle.

Shelby is a multigenerational homesteader with a unique background that makes her the perfect homesteading guide for you. Her lifetime of experience, coupled with a B.S. and M.S. in Animal and Dairy Science and Agriculture give her the knowledge and skill sets to pass the same knowledge on to you. She also taught high school and college agriculture classes for several years, meaning she can take complicated homesteading topics and break them down in a way that just make sense.

If you're dreaming of a slower pace of life, you're in the perfect spot.  If you have a passion for a simpler, more meaningful and more sustainable life, get EXCITED to learn. Your homesteading journey begins here. 

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Homesteading feels hard

especially if you have no experience, limited time or space...


Does This Sound Like You?

Let's face it. It's easy to look at the influencers on social media that make it look easy to whip up a loaf of fresh bread or fearlessly can dozens of jars of tomatoes. You know that you need to get off of the sidelines and start learning some of these skills yourself.  If you've ever had any of these thoughts below, you're in the right spot.

  • Do you feel like... you don't have the skills you need to start homesteading so you're scared to waste the time or money to try
  • Does it seem... you're the only person interested in being more traditional or sustainable and you don't have a great-grandma to teach you her canning and homesteading secrets
  • Are you frustrated that... every time you turn around groceries are more expensive, there's another word you can't pronounce on your food label and you're worried it's just going to get worse.
  • And when it comes down to it, do you...  want to create a haven for your family that is rooted in delicious, homegrown foods, more meaningful time together and memories that you can cherish?

Real People, Real Homesteads, Real Results.


"I knew that I would need some sort of support when I decided to embark on this homesteading journey. When we bought our five acres, I was looking for a place to get the information and resources I needed to make our homestead a reality. I joined the Academy as soon as I could and it's been one of the best investments I've made. In fact, I felt confident enough that we fired the permaculture 'expert' that we'd hired to help us plan out our homestead because after just a few months in the Academy, I honestly felt like we knew more than he did! Shelby and the Academy have been such a blessing to us and I like to think of the Academy as my little 'insurance policy' for our homestead."



"Shelby is a really good teacher and you can tell that her background is in education and she's really good at actually teaching you. She's very thorough and I enjoy learning from her. She's very trustworthy and well-researched but she's not too in the weeds that somebody who doesn't know as much as can't follow along and learn from her. She takes big concepts and breaks them down into small pieces that are easy to understand."



"As we get closer to moving on to the new homestead, the Academy has been helpful with filling in some of my education gaps. The courses not only educate but have thought provoking questions. here are so many decisions to make as we set up the new homestead and knowledge is key to helping us make good decisions. Shelby's courses and resources have helped to renew my focus and enthusiasm. Remember that just because you choose to homestead, it does not mean you have to do it all. This is a lifestyle where the goal is improving your life and it doesn’t happen overnight. "



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